We provide person-centered and affordable relocation support that focuses on the relocation being a success for all parties involved. 

There is no reason you can’t be CONFIDENT and supported with personal guidance along the way with your solo journey. We offer support and guidance along the way for your solo journey.  

Relocating is a major life change that could very well be one of the most difficult TRANSITIONS a family goes through during their lifetime.

We work with employers and provide affordable solutions that allow for SUCCESSFUL employee relocations, by focusing on the roots of success!

 Communities are recognizing that they play a CRITICAL role in the success of relocations moving into town.

Communities, employers and the relocating individuals/families all have a part to play in the success of each relocation, which is why we ensure that our support is collaborative and comprehensive. 


Rachel, Moved from California to Virginia

“The whole moving process can be overwhelming but The Relocation Companion broke it down into easy-to-follow resources.

Bill, Oxenham Group

As a recruiting company, we are tasked with identifying talent and relocating them. When someone is in need of relocation services, we immediately call Rhiannon. 

I strongly recommend Rhiannon for any organization looking to take advantage of her relocation services

Emily, Moved from Wisconsin to Illinois

“You covered everything that I needed for my move and transition into my new community! Everything is easy to follow and stress free with The Relocation Companion. It fits everything you need to know/think about when moving. The financial portion was amazing!”

Shonna, Moved from South Dakota to Florida

“Thank you so much for your support! It truly gave me CONFIDENCE and STRUCTURE moving into a new city. I truly appreciate it!”

TrailBLAZING Spouse

“The Relocation Companion helped me think about the move and what it meant for me, not just my husband.

Heidi, Moved from Kentucky to Washington

I’ve moved many times in my life and still have benefited greatly from The Relocation Companion being a part of my most recent move. Definitely worth it!

New Client

I just completed my Relocation Lifestyle Assessment and I’m surprised at my own answers. What a wonderful tool to help me better plan my motives for my move.

DJ, Moved from Iowa to South Dakota

“Our time was extremely valuable and I am thankful for the guidance, expertise, and resources I received. I highly recommend Rhiannon of The Relocation Companion to help with your move of any size. You’ll be glad you did!

Louise, Moved to North Carolina for Grad School

“The Lifestyle Assessment did a great job of getting me to think about the other components of moving that are often overlooked.

Employee Relocation

My wife really struggled with our move for my job. So happy she had this kind of support available to her.

Alexa, Moved From South Dakota to Idaho

Pretty in depth. There were topics I hadn’t thought about! Definitely good insight and valuable information.

Military Move

“Already beneficial…I move in two days so I paid close attention to the check lists to make sure I hadn’t forgotten anything!

Diane, Moved from Oklahoma to Minnesota

“The activities are great ideas for kids and give parents something concrete to follow.

JT, Exploring the Idea of Moving

I didn’t realize how important it was for me to have certain amenities in the region and how much I need certain things to be accessible for me! Thank you so much!


Rhiannon’s personality and knowledge of the market put our recruited candidates at ease and they truly felt supported in their relocation journey when dealing with Rhiannon.

Solo Move

“If you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Rhiannon, I encourage you to do so. She is a wealth of information, an experienced mover, and the owner of The Relocation Companion.

RG, Moved to New York

“The services are personal and effective!


The Relocation Companion is a professional relocation agency providing services for communities, employers and individuals/families.  Our focus is on the “people” part of relocation; creating a pathway for successful transitions into new homes, jobs and communities by providing customizable resources and support for those making the move.  We recognize this as the most beneficial investment in relocation. 

Moving is a MAJOR LIFE CHANGE and should be treated as such.  Our mission is to equip individuals and families with the tools they need to find happiness and success in their new communities.  This in return benefits not only that individual and/or family, but also their employer and the community they settle into. 

Owner, Rhiannon Israel, has made several moves and transitions throughout her lifetime.  Since childhood, she has known moving across the country to be normal and in the best interests of her family.  As an adult, her move to South Dakota for her husband’s job presented her with new perspective into the “gaps” of relocation.  

It was at this point that Rhiannon set forward to assist employers in providing services that benefit the long-term success of their employee relocations.  Her involvement in economic and community development was a natural pathway to expand her services and start providing relocation support directly to communities.  She is passionate and believes that there should be adequate support for relocations nationwide, regardless where they move or why they move.    

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