Relocation is Personal

Moving is a MAJOR LIFE CHANGE that involves more than logistics and a new boss…Families, spouses and personal life are ALL affected by a relocation. 

For The Kids

Provide your children with the proper support to help them navigate through this move.

THE PARENT RESOURCE – For Pre-K through High School


Plan for Success

Ensure this move is successful for EVERYBODY involved.  This is more than just a roadtrip…this is a new beginning.

The inability for an individual or family to adapt and settle successfully into a new community is detrimental to:



the EMPLOYER facilitating the relocation

and the COMMUNITY they have moved into.

We focus on creating successful transitions so there is a harmonious work-personal-life balance for those starting over somewhere new.

There is a gap in the relocation industry that allows relocation to continue to be risky for BOTH employer and employee.  One of the main reasons for relocations to fail is because the employee and their family did not transition successfully into their new community.

At The Relocation Companion, we fill that gap and address the need for personal support and guidance throughout the transition of moving into a new community because we want relocation to be successful for the employer, employee and any family involved in the move.  

We work with employers and provide affordable solutions that allow for SUCCESSFUL employee relocation by focusing on the roots of success!

Moving your family into a new community is no easy feat.  Add the stress of ensuring your family settles and finds happiness in the new home.  When you have multiple people to care for, and perhaps a new job to start, there is a lot that can go awry.  If your family’s transition is unsuccessful, you may find yourself moving (again) within a year or two.

Relocating is a major life change that could very well be one of the most difficult transitions an individual or family goes through during their lifetime. Let us provide support and guidance as you walk through this journey so YOUR family can be successful and find happiness in your new home.

Embarking on this journey by yourself?

Would you feel more confident with some support and guidance along the way? 

We would love to accompany you on your big move!  Let us help you find happiness and success in your new home. 



The Relocation Companion is a professional relocation agency providing services for both employers and individuals/families.  Our focus is on the “people” part of relocation; creating a pathway for successful transitions into new homes, jobs and communities by providing customizable resources and support for those making the move.  We recognize this as the most beneficial investment in relocation. 

Moving is a MAJOR LIFE CHANGE and should be treated as such.  Our mission is to equip individuals and families with the tools they need to find happiness and success in their new communities.  This in return benefits not only that individual and/or family, but also their employer and the community they settle into. 

Owner, Rhiannon Israel, has made several moves and transitions throughout her lifetime.  Since childhood, she has known moving across the country to be normal and in the best interests of her family.  As an adult, her move to South Dakota for her husband’s job presented her with new perspective into the “gaps” of relocation.  

It was at this point that Rhiannon set forward to assist employers in providing services that benefit the long-term success of their employee relocations.  She is also passionate about ensuring those individuals and families not receiving formal relocation incentive (or support) through an employer are able to benefit from The Relocation Companion’s services as well. 


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