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The Parent Resource

Prepare to guide your kids as you go through this major life change and relocate to a new home. Receive the skills and tools necessary for you to best support your family. 

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What You’re Getting:

The Parent Module:

Acknowledging YOUR position as leader of the move! How are you suppose to fill that role? We have a complete module to ensure you are prepared and ready to charge full force into moving your family. Being the Guide, Mindset, Managing the Overwhelm, Child Profiles and Routine are all covered for YOU.

Customizable for YOU:

Every move is different! Materials and content provided are designed to be personalized to best meet the needs of you, your family and your move. We ensure you plan and execute a move that is centered around YOUR family.

Activities for Kids:

Age appropriate activities that are designed to guide your children through the big move are provided through the portal.  We also provide you with ample recommendations for additional activities and resources if desired.

Anytime Access to Content:

A move can be hectic at times, which is why we wanted to make everything easily accessbile.  Lessons, materials, activities and additional resources are all accessed through a secure portal.  You are able to go back and review materials as many times as needed during your transition. All of your content is easily accessible for YOU. 

Family-Centered Moving:

Our resources are designed to provide support, guidance and skills for family units to be successful and happy in their move. We believe that major life changes should bring families closer together, however understand that there can be an incredible amount of stress through the process.  Our materials are centered around the family unit, as well as recognizing the struggles of each individual and how best to support each other.  Mail areas of focus within The Parent Resource are: Home, Family, School and Friends.

Guidance, Tools and Ideas for Parents:

We ensure that as parents, you are provided different types of resources for you to best lead your family through the move. Throughout The Parent Resource, we provide you with different types of guides, tools and resources for you to utilize and implement as needed.

Pre-K – High School Content:

Have access to the content of all age ranges. No need to purchase different programs for different kids. This is especially a great benefit for those children needing to utilize materials above or below their current grade level. For you parents, it is all in one place!

*Pre-K and Elementary RELEASE FEB 2020 *Middle and High School RELEASE MAR 2020*

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