Communities are recognizing that they play a critical role in the success of relocations moving into town.

Relocations affect our local economy, employers, businesses and community organizations…all of who we want to thrive.

A smooth transition will dictate much of the outcome for those relocating new residents and the impact they have on the community.

Economic development, chamber and city initiatives are shifting their focus to better attract and support relocations, whether they are organic or employer-driven.

For a community to thrive and succeed, it takes a collaborative effort, which is what we bring to the table when working with communities!

Some communities are able to offer juicy incentives, like $10k, to entice prospective new residents to move there. While this is eye -catching, we recognize that:

  1. Not all communities have a large budget.
  2. Shiny objects, such as a financial incentive, does not necessarily draw the right people or motivate people to move into the community for the right reasons.
  3. Personal support (beyond cash) is crucial to provide for this major life change individuals and families are going though.
  4. No matter how large or small, every community has something great to offer new residents!

When we work with a community, we tailor the support to reflect the needs, goals and assets of each community. 

We believe that relocations should be a collaborative effort so we make sure to include the primary economic development organization, employers, new residents and local businesses in the process.

What you can expect when working with us:

  • Relocation Resources Personalized to the Community
  • Data Collection
  • Employer Interviews
  • New Resident Interviews
  • Local Business Promotion
  • New Resident Strategy: Communication, Collaboration, Involvement, Implementation
  • New Resident Communication Support (Social Media and Email Strategy, Planning and Content)
  • Additional Relocation Support Recommendations
  • Annual Review and Updates to Relocation Support Materials

Reach out and ask us about our current work with other communities. We are excited to share with you!

If your community would like to stay ahead of the curve and be recognized as a relocation-friendly place to move to, then let's get a conversation started.

Email Rhiannon directly at

This is really something we are looking forward to and have been so impressed working with Rhiannon on this project.

Rhiannon has supported our organization beginning in early 2021. I strongly recommend Rhiannon for any organization looking to take advantage of her relocation services.

We are really impressed with what The Relocation Companion brings to the table for our communities and are so excited to get to work with their team.

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