There is a gap in the relocation industry that allows relocations to continue to be risky for BOTH employer and employee.

The gap is on the personal side of the relocation. One of the main reasons for relocations to fail is because the employee and their family were unable to successfully transition into their new community.

This is not something typically covered in employee relocation packages.

At The Relocation Companion, we fill that gap and address the need for personal support and guidance throughout the transition of moving into a new community.   

We work with employers and provide affordable solutions that allow for SUCCESSFUL employee relocations, by focusing on the roots of success!

Whether you are an employer with an already-established, robust relocation package, or are an employer new to relocations looking for guidance to start providing support for your employees, we would love to support your relocation efforts!

Our model allows for employers to provide relocation support through The Relocation Companion that is reflective of your company values, culture and priorities.

Relocations are not a one-size-fits-all kind of experience, so the services should reflect that.

Here is a quick look at elements we include in our services:

  • Basic Pre-Move Support and Guidance
  • Transition Support and Coaching for Successful Relocations
  • Personalized Transition Plans for Each Employee Relocation
  • 1:1 Support Lasting well into the Transition
  • Additional Relocation Resources and Tools Based on Needs of Each Move
  • Invitation to Women's Relocation Support Group (when applicable)
  • Employer Relocation Package Assessment
  • Relocation Support Services for HR Team and Supervisors
  • Data Collection
  • Portal Access to Content (High Volume Annual Relocations 50+)
  • Customization to Each Employer's Needs, Priorities and Budget
  • Supporting Relocations NATIONWIDE

If this aligns with your employee relocation strategy, goals and priorities, let's get the conversation started.

Email Rhiannon directly at

You’re covering a whole side of relocation that focuses on my life.  It’s more than just my job!

Thank you for helping us get settled happily into our new home. We didn’t know we could get this kind of support.

My wife was a bit anxious about our move, but now seems enthusiastic and excited for the change since we have your support.

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