Relocating is a major life change that is being recognized as the most stressful life event that we go through in our lifetime. Moving disrupts every aspect in one’s live and there is a lot of pressure to ensure your family settles and finds happiness in the new home.

When you have multiple people to care for, and perhaps a new job to start, there is a lot that can go awry.

The last thing you want is for this move to be a failure, which is where we come in play.

We are proud to be a part of the journey with families that want their relocations to be successful!

Completely uprooting your life and starting over from scratch somewhere new is no easy feat. Ensuring your entire family is supported throughout your journey is critical. When we work with you and your family, we ensure that we:

  1. Define what a successful relocation looks like for your family,
  2. Determine priorities and goals,
  3. Identify potential struggles and challenges,
  4. Create a personalized Transition Plan,
  5. And finally, ensure your 1:1 support is available as long as you need it!

Our services include options with Pre-Move support (logistical/tactical) to help each family plan for and facilitate their move. We also provide Transition services, which is our sweet spot. With this support we focus on supporting the entire family as they transition into their new life and community.  Support, guidance and coaching are centered around topics and skills necessary for a successful relocation.

  • 1:1 Pre-Move Sessions
  • 1:1 Transition Sessions
  • Lifestyle Assessment
  • Transition Plan
  • Choosing service providers (realtors, moving company, storage, temporary housing, etc)
  • Task Delegation and Organization
  • Timeline Management
  • Financial Tools
  • Access to Nationwide Women's Relocation Support Group
  • Content may include: Family, Friends, Mindset, Community, Communication, Organization, Finances, Job, Self-Interests, Home, Struggles, Support Systems, etc...

We know that no two relocations are the same, and therefore believe our services should support your family in the best possible way. We have options and flexibility to provide more support when you need it the most and let you flourish when the time is right.

Ask us for our specific relocation service options and pricing! (Ranges from $70 to $2300). 

Our founder is a wife, mother and daughter who has experienced relocating her entire life.  When she works with clients, she provides authentic, compassionate and goal-driven support so each move has the best positioning for success!

If you think your spouse and family could benefit from relocation support that is tailored to your family and your move, let's start a conversation!

Email Rhiannon directly at

My wife really struggled with our move for my job. So happy she now has this kind of support available to her.

Thank you for helping us get settled happily into our new home. We didn’t know we could get this kind of support.

The activities are great ideas for kids and give parents something concrete to follow.

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