The Companion Program

Getting you from NERVOUS, SCARED and OVERWHELMED to SETTLED, HAPPY and ASSIMILATED into your new home! We are your companion through this journey to help guide you through the struggles of starting over somewhere new.  You receive one-on-one support through the first 12 months of your journey, because we know it takes time!


Perfect for individuals and families looking for support and guidance to assist them through more than just the beginning stages of this major life change.  The companion works directly with individuals and/or families as they navigate the challenges of relocation throughout an entire year, so they have the best positioning for sustainable, long-term success.


  • Personal Introductory Meeting (via phone or video)
  • 2-hr Kick-off Session (live feed)
  • Customized Transition Plan
  • 1-ON-1 Monthly Calls  (via phone or video)
  • Regular Accountability and Check-Ins for Transition
  • 12 Months Personal Support and Guidance from Companion
  • Additional Relocation Resources and Tools
  • Parent Resource Program
  • Special Welcome Gift
  • Portal Access to Content - Coming Soon!

*Parent Resource is INCLUDED when you use the PRFREE coupon code at checkout.


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